Bronzing Lotion

The Tannymaxx bronzing lotions are just the right choice for those who are looking for a sunless tan (fake tan). The fake tan agents contained in the sugar-based active ingredient DHA cause a tan of the skin’s top layer: Even without the help of ultra violet rays you become brown quickly. So, it is possible to be a beautiful healthy brown due to the use of tanning lotions. In addition, the sun tan lotions are also used to enhance an existing tan. But often, fearing an uneven result, fake tans are related to skepticism. How are fake tans not blotchy? Optimal preparation of the skin before application of a fake tan is crucial in order to receive a uniform, spot-free result. Use of a scrub should be done to remove old skin cells before applying a fake tan. In addition, the skin should be moisturized to prevent a dry skin, which could lead to uneven tanning results. All Tannymaxx fake tans are therefore made with highly effective skin care ingredients because only a completely vital skin can be browned quickly and evenly.

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