Solar cosmetics

Not only in summer – we strive for a beautifully brown skin year round because a summer complexion makes us vital, healthier and slimmer. The Tannymaxx lotions are pioneers in solar cosmetics to help achieve the optimal result to your individual search for a perfectly brown skin. What are solar cosmetics? Solar cosmetics focus on impressive tanning results. The products are used to enhance the tan and to supplement the sun. Tannymaxx has developed the solar cosmetic lotions so that the highly effective ingredients do not convert to harmful substances even under UV radiation. All of our solar cosmetics products have been awarded the special UV Relax certification. The solar cosmetics lotions split up in tanning lotion (tan accelerator) and self tanner (fake tan) to help the skin brown quicker.

Self tanners (fake tans) in different strengths allow the skin to tan quickly without help from ultraviolet rays to achieve the desired tan, from a subtle natural tan to intense Caribbean tan.
UV Preparation lotions / tanning lotions (tan accelerators) support the natural tanning process and ensure that at each sunbath your maximum is reached.

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