Body Care

Our skin is exposed to a variety of negative influences every day, such as smog or other damaging environmental pollutants and can not heal itself from these stresses. Thus, the natural barrier function of the skin is disturbed and the skin’s moisture escapes.

Daily skin care is therefore necessary, to strengthen the natural protective shield and to keep the skin healthy. With the right skin care, pollutant’s effects can be warded off. But what skin care is right for me? It is especially important to promote natural vitality and the protective function of the skin with perfectly designed active ingredients of Tannymaxx products (body care products).

These factors have formed the basis of the Tannymaxx body care cosmetic lines since our founding. The aim is to care for the skin through highly effective skin care products comprising of effective active ingredient complexes and, consequently, protecting the skin against harmful environmental influences. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Tannymaxx lotions and do yourself and your skin some good.
Tannymaxx – We love your skin!

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