Which lotion type am I?

Skin Care Type

When you are looking for a product with excellent skin care properties which places a special emphasis on quality and effective ingredients. You have sensitive skin and are more cautious with respect to tanning, and looking for a product that protects the skin from the sun because of a lighter complexion (you turn more red than brown in the sun).

This product is right for you:
Moisturizer and Suncream

Light Tanner

Would you like a tanned complexion, but don’t or seldomly use a tanning bed and great skin care is important? Would you like to achieve natural tanning results in the shortest time possible but avoid self-tanning products?

This product is right for you
Tanning/ UV-Preparation Lotions

Super Tanner

Are you looking for a beautiful intensive tan and enjoy being in the sun or visiting a tanning center? Do you want to go beyond the natural tanning results, but also want excellent skin care?

This product is right for you
Bronzing Lotions