What type of lotions are there?



The excellent water-binding property of moisturizers adds maximum moisture to the skin and strengthens the structure of the skin barrier (skin care product). Moisturizers increase the smoothness of the skin visibly.

They are recommended for daily skin care. Moisturizers should ideally be applied in the morning, for example, after showering. The body lotion can also be applied after sun exposure as After Sun Lotion because the skin needs extra moisture and the creme soothes stressed and dry skin. How to treat dry skin? The regular use of moisturizers ensures beautiful skin and a vital structure. Through intensive personal care, tanning results remain visible longer.


UV Preparation Lotion / Tanning Lotion

Finest cosmetic efficacy and natural tanning are united: The highly effective formulations of UV Preparation Lotions (tan accelerators) not only provide a long lasting moisturizing of the skin, but also speed up the natural tanning process and allow the skin to brown faster with UV exposure.

How do I get a healthy tan? UV-Preparation Lotions or Tanning Lotions are different from regular moisturizers by the additional tanning amplifier Tyrosine. This ensures an acceleration of the natural tanning process in the sun or in a sunbed (tan accelerator). Thereby, natural tanning without the addition of a tan accelerator is achieved faster. The skin receives a tan faster through a tan accelerator; exposure to UV light is shortened sparing the extra UV exposure. To enhance the tan, tan accelerators are applied before sun exposure. The highly effective formulas of Tannymaxx tan accelerators have been tested under UV light for skin tolerability and guarantee that the change of the ingredients, even under UV exposure, is not harmful.

Warning: UV-Preparation Lotions contain NO sunscreen.


Bronzing Lotion

Through highly effective sunless Bronzing Lotions an effective fake tan without the sun is provided. Additional quality care ingredients of tanning lotions simultaneously provide the skin with moisture and, thus, ensuring an optimal skin structure. This is a requirement so that the skin uniformly becomes brown faster.

The fake tan ingredients DHA and Erythrulose react with the proteins and amino acids of the upper layer of the skin where they ensure browning. DHA acts faster while Erythrulose’s action is slower, but acts more deeply. The result is an even fake tan without the sun. How is a fake tan not blotchy? To create an ideal basis for an even fake tan, the fake tan should be applied to clean skin after showering, ideally after a scrub. The beneficial fake tan ingredients at the same time ensure a healthy skin texture, making it seem even more radiant. Tanning results and the skin can be quickly brown.

Warning: Bronzing Lotions contain NO sunscreen.



Sun protection factor (SPF) sun cream makes it an indispensable companion for prolonged sun exposure. Only with a UV sun cream protection can the skin’s natural protection against UV rays be optimally strengthened.

Which sun cream is best for my skin type? The skin has its own protection against sunburn, which, depending on skin type, varies. To protect the skin after exceeding the skin’s own protection, sun cream is to be applied before exposure of the sun to decrease the chance of a sunburn (UV protection). Sun cream multiplies the skin’s natural protection time to give you the sun protection factor (SPF), thus, ensuring extensive protection against sunburn. But it is important to keep the UV protection active by continually applying sun cream when staying in the sun longer, especially after exercise and contact with water.