What is the difference between tanning/UV preparation and bronzing lotions?

A Tanning / UV Preparation Lotion supports the natural tanning process, thus ensuring a more quicker achievement of a natural browning level, but does not contain a self-tanner. For the tan, UV rays are still needed either through a tanning bed or the sun.

A Bronzing Lotion on the other hand, contains a self-tanner, which doesn’t require UV rays. This skin is tanned or enhances an existing tan without the sun.


What ingredients are responsible for the tanning and bronzing effect?

The amino acid tyrosine in the Tanning / UV Preparation lotions is important for the synthesis of melanin, body´s own pigment. This actually serves as a protective mechanism against sunburn and is formed by the effect of UV rays. This results in tanning of the skin. Tyrosine enhances natural melanin production which means that tanning is achieved faster with shorter exposure to UV rays.
When bronzing lotions the sugar-based agents DHA and Erythrulose are vital. They react with the proteins and amino acids of the top layer of the skin and dye it brown. DHA acts faster while Erythrulose works slower, but deeper in the skin.


Do moisturizing, bronzing and tanning/UV preparation lotions also protect against sunburns?

Only the sunscreens with SPF protect the skin from sunburns. Moisturizer, Tanning / UV Preparation and bronzing lotions are, therefore only for before or after sunbathing, not for sunbathing itself. The pre-tanning of the skin by means of self-tanner does not constitute suitable skin protection, so you should always use a product with SPF. However, all products contain active antioxidants (e.g., vitamins or vitamin combinations), to counteract the free radicals (for example, from UV rays). Conditioning ingredients also repair the skin’s protective barrier and moisture loss caused by radiation, heat or other environmental influences.


Can I apply sunscreen over my moisturizer?

Sunscreen can be applied over any moisturizer. What matters is that the application of moisturizer has fully dried (set in) before the sunscreen is applied. It is therefore advisable to wait 15 minutes between applications of the two lotions. It is also important that the sunscreen is regularly reapplied when in the sun for long periods of time to ensure constant protection.


What does SPF mean?

The sun protection factor (SPF) indicates how much longer you can stay in the sun when using a sunscreen, without getting a sunburn. Depending on skin type and self- protection time of the skin serves as the basis for the total protection time per day. For example, someone with a very light complexion who can only stay in the sun for 3 minutes before burning. A lotion with an SPF of 15, the skin would be protected 15x longer, so this person could stay in the sun for 45 minutes before burning, with an SPF 30 it would be 90 minutes.


Why are there special products for the face and legs?

The skin on the legs and face are different from the rest of the skin of the body, so there are products that are tailored to the needs of these areas.
The facial skin is much thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the body’s skin. It is constantly uncovered and exposed to the effects of the sun, cold, dryness and dirt. Also internal stimuli such as stress or lack of sleep leave external their mark on the face. Therefore, the first signs of aging often show up on the face. To meet the special needs of sensitive facial skin, facial products consist of precisely matched components and light textures that can be better absorbed by the thin facial skin.

The skin on the legs endures many external influences, such as shaving, or friction caused by clothes. Thus, the top layer of skin is more strained, the skin loses more moisture and dries quickly. Lotions are specially adapted to these needs, they provide the skin not only moisture, but also strengthen the skin barrier and thus providing long term dryness protection. Additionally they often include skin-firming ingredients that counteract cellulite.


How can I prevent a blotchy tan?

To achieve a well-proportioned result, all Tannymaxx lotions must be applied uniformly and evenly to the various parts of the skin. Particularly good results are achieved when the skin has been cleaned and exfoliated thoroughly before the lotion is applied.


Have Tannymaxx lotions been tested for skin tolerance?

All lotions have been subjected to numerous dermatological tests in laboratories and classified as harmless. For example, these include in-vitro tests in which artificial skin (Episkin) is tested. In addition, all lotions are exposed to heat and cold tests. Special UV lotions are also tested by being exposed to UV radiation.


What does UV Relax mean?

UV radiation not only affects our skin, but can also negatively alter certain active ingredients. Tanning / UV Preparation- and bronzing lotions are mainly used in combination with sun, we must be especially sure that all ingredients do not transform into harmful substances when exposed to UV radiation. The lotions therefore have been subjected to an additional test using UV radiation. The UV relax symbol is an indication of the safety of the lotion also under influence of UV rays.


Are Tannymaxx products tested on animals?

The testing of cosmetic products on animals has been banned in the EU since 2004 including all ingredients contained in cosmetics which has been banned since 2013. All Tannymaxx lotions and their ingredients are not tested on animals. Moreover, we are convinced that testing our products on animals for their effectiveness is not necessary.


How long can the lotions be used for after opening?

The shelf life of all Tannymaxx cosmetic lotions is determined based on the date at which the lotion was opened. On the lotions, there is a symbol of an open container in which a number can be found. This number indicates how many months the lotion is stable from the date it is first opened.


How do I keep my Tannymaxx products at their best?

In general, lotions should not be stored in direct sunlight or near heat sources (i.e. heating elements). Cooler rooms are generally better suited, but do not store in the refrigerator or freezer, as active ingredients can be destroyed by the extreme cold.


Where can I find a list of ingredients used in Tannymaxx lotions?

You can find a complete list of all ingredients used in Tannymaxx products here:

to the list of all ingredients used (A-K)
to the list of all ingredients used (L-Z)