Company Information


How long has Tannymaxx been on the market?

Body Cosmetics International was founded in 1989 and since then has been selling cosmetics under its brand name Tannymaxx, Hawaiiana and Speedbronzer. Since its founding, Body Cosmetics International has continually been innovating and growing steadily.


Are Tannymaxx lotions available worldwide?

Tannymaxx lotions are available in Germany and 38 countries worldwide. Click here for the complete list of countries.


Where are Tannymaxx products developed and produced?

Tannymaxx produces only the highest quality products. Therefore all products are produced and developed in Germany.


Where does Tannymaxx stand on sustainability?

Tannymaxx is a trademark of Body Cosmetics International LLC. Body Cosmetics International regularly supports numerous social projects internationally. These projects are committed to the welfare and development of children. Because of this the founder of Body Cosmetics International has created “One World One Heart” foundation.


Is my data safe from misuse with Tannymaxx?

To provide the best possible protection against misuse of data, all data that is given by you is transmitted over SSL encryption, for example all bank transfers and credit card transactions.


Who can help me when I cannot find an answer to my question?

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form. We would be glad to help.