“We love your skin” – for us that is not enough. Body Cosmetics International is not only has your beauty at heart, but YOU as well. As an international company, we are very aware of our social responsibility and the environment. For this reason, the founder of Body Cosmetics International launched its own foundation: “One World – One Heart” is particularly committed to the welfare and development of children worldwide.

But we want to do more.

Helps that arrives.

A quick donation is not enough for us. We want to sustainably change the lives of the less fortunate and see with their own eyes that our help gets to the right place. But we also like to pack personally with.

People for People.

Body Cosmetics International, in cooperation with the organization “Menschen für Menschen” (People for People) have already implemented and supported several projects. These include:

• The construction of the Dembi Higher Secondary School.

Thanks to our donation Dembi Higher Secondary School was completed. This enabled 600 students to go to school and study.

• Construction of the infirmary Libanos Health Post

The infirmary supplies the region with 24 hour medical care. This was a great relief for the people, as they no longer have to bring their relatives to distant hospitals for care.

Childrens Hospice Regenbogenland Düsseldorf

Body Cosmetics International has established the companionship of animals with the children at the Childrens Hospice Regenbogenland. The contact with dogs gives the children attention, love, acceptance and fun. Moreover the dogs can be used for educational purposes such as training of sensory perception.


Body Cosmetics International is at home in the beauty industry. (and therefore also in our company), the consequences of climate change, resource scarcity and globalization are not immune pulled over. All the more reason for us to minimize the effects of our cosmetic products on the enviornment. Therefore sustainable corporate management is what drives our global action.

Playing a special role for the protection of animals.
The testing of cosmetic products on animals has been banned in the EU since 2004, including all ingredients contained in cosmetics which has been banned since 2013. All Tannymaxx lotions and their ingredients are not tested on animals. Moreover, we are convinced that testing our products on animals for their effectiveness is not necessary. The welfare of animals is a priority at heart for us. For this reason, we are also in this area.